5: Israel 2040: Milk, Honey, and Loads of Kids

Why do Israelis have so many children? And what are the implications of this for Israeli society and policy? In this episode, we speak with Tamar Havshush about her experience of being a secular Israeli mother who works in high tech and has five children born over the span of just seven and a half years. By putting Tamar’s personal story in conversation with experts Prof. Alex Weinreb and Prof. Herbert Smith, we take a fascinating dive into Israel’s exceptional fertility trends.

“Milk, Honey, and Loads of Kids” is being released in conjunction with our annual Herbert M. Singer International Policy Conference, this year on the topic: “Israel's Unique Demography: Implications and Planning for the Future.” It is the first episode in our “Israel 2040” series, in which we look at a number of socioeconomic trends that will shape how Israel looks in the coming decades. The other episodes in the series are recorded in Hebrew.


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Thank you to the Herbert and Nell Singer Foundation for making this series possible!

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