Lex Cybernetica E19-Online Hate Speech

Freedom of speech is almost a sacred thing in the US and revered in many democratic countries. But in recent years, there is talk of its abuse to propagate hate speech online, and the need to limit it as a result.


What is hate speech (or dangerous speech), what’s unique about it online, what are its real dangers, how should it be dealt with, and at what cost?


All this in this episode of the Lex Cybernetica, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Federmann Cyber Security Research Center’s podcast, with Susan Benesch, Executive Director of The Dangerous Speech Project, Faculty Associate of the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University; Omri Abend, Hebrew University faculty member, researching NLP; Rotem Medzini, Research Fellow at the Federmann Cyber Security Research Center; and Lex Cybernetica’s host, Ido Kenan.